Monday, August 24, 2009


I chose things that I really need & use to beautify myself daily.

These La Cross tweezers are a life saver. First because of my unruly thick eyebrows. I really need to tweeze everyday. My hair is so dark that it looks my brush shed on my eye if I don't tweeze the little hairs. Also great for those falsies.
This little brown comb is the best. It's under $2 at Sally's. I keep one in my purse, car, & bathroom. It's small & light-weight. It teases so good for big puffy hair & great for just coming out the hair without static or pulling.
Bobby pins, I use these everyday. I always pin my hair back or up when I'm getting ready or washing my face. On the days when the hair isn't working for me, I put it up or just tease the hair wild & pin it on the sides. Sexy, messy.
I use this Kabuki on a stick from Coastal Scents everyday for foundation, powder blush & bronzer. One brush covers my whole face routine.
I need eye drops everyday, even more 2-3x's a day. I have developed horrible allergies. I use this on anything on my eyes that I would use Fix+ for. I use to it to dampen my brush for eye shadows, eyeliner, & pigment. it doesn't irritate my eyes like a mixing medium does.
Those are my tools that I need. What is your product or tool you have to use everyday? Do a post like this & let me know. I want to see & find more great tools & ideas.


wendycakes said...

1. sonia kashuk tweezers. it's just like the sephora one, long and chiseled tip but half the price!
2. japanese facial cotton pads. they're super soft and practically lint free unlike regular cotton balls. they make applying toner or removing eye makeup a lot easier.
3. shiseido hadasui mist. it delivers a super fine mist that's great for refreshing makeup, can be used as a toner, and i also use this as a mixing medium when using MAC pigments.
4. bobby pins are my fave too! i also carry a billion of them around.
5. my heating eyelash curler. i love my shu curler but the heating one keeps the curl in place.

i've been look for a comb like the one u have. i should go check it out at sally's. thanks for sharing! :)

Elisa said...

I loooove that kabuki brush so much. I was thinking of getting a spare.

I might have to pick up one of those combs,too. Thank you for sharing!

Iyah said...

I need eyedrops too like every second :( I get teary-eyed a lot :(

GiGi said...

@wendycakes I have to try the mist & heated eyelash curler. They sound great.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I'm so impressed. Great tips and pics..I just started blogging (loads to learn still)Thanks for sharing!

Maidel said...

Those are essential beauty tool for makeup... I too have huge collection of them!!

Anonymous said...

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