Monday, August 31, 2009


I was watching the Today show this morning on anti aging solutions. The Korres eye cream was one of the picks.

Product Description
Korres Natural Products - Face Care - Evening Primrose Eye Cream Reduction of Fine Lines and Dark CirclesA velvety cream that shields and brightens up the eye area. Evening primrose, in combination with vitamin C, reduces the transepidermal loss of moisture and stimulates collagen synthesis, thus plumping fine lines. The synergistic action of vitamin K1 and Ruscus strengthens the venous walls and promotes blood microcirculation illuminating the under-eye area and gradually erasing dark circles. The natural sunscreen Zinc oxide prevents premature skin ageing, while diffusing a light whitening concealer-like effect. Contains: Evening primrose, vitamins K1, C, E, provitamin B5, Ruscus extract, Zinc oxide. Dermatologically tested. Mineral oil free. Silicone free. Enriched with active plant extract.
It isn't a concealer, but it is supposed to brighten purple under eye color.

Has anyone tried this? I have tried an under eye brightener, but after a few days, my eyes started to burn. I love the idea of the Korres products, but they are costly.

Does the all natural products irritate allergies because of the plant extracts? I asked at Sephora & received 2 different opinions.

What are your thoughts?


Dannimag said...

I never used this product, but I do use some of the Korres skin care products and makeups. I have very dry and sensitive skins, but Korres never broke me out or irritate allergies.
I really love this brand because it's natural and great for our skins.
I will say it's worth to try if you never try any of the korres products.

GiGi said...

@Dannimag I will give it a try. Maybe get a sample first, thanks.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, this sounds like it was made for me, thanks a mill for highlighting it, may check it out, will let you know when/if i get my hands on it.

Iyah said...

That sounds like a nice eye cream. I'll go check it out. I love Korres Products :D

ruffles and poof said...

Right now, since Korres just launched their website I believe you can still get 30% off with the code FAMILY. It's a good reason to try something out from them. I recently ordered their lip butters, can't wait for the package :]

Anonymous said...

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Clara said...

This has 5/5 rating on Amazon. I'm glad there's finally something to recommend other than Hylexin.

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