Sunday, July 18, 2010

NEW PURSE + New Rewards Program for Saks Off 5th

I stopped at Off 5th at The Block in Orange to check out the CCO and I ended up with this beautiful leather L.A.M.B Bag.  The purse was $400 down to $200, but everything with a red sticker was 50% off.  This had the red sticker and was $100 + they have  a new rewards program that gave me 5% off the $100.  I love L.A.M.B purses and shoes, but they are pricey.  I think this was a great deal though.

I love the black leather with the blue and white detail.  I am mostly in jeans and T's and i think this would look great for every day.

The blue stripes remind me of a racing jacket.  

The inside is cloth with black/blue trim.  It's very roomy and the purse itself is light weight.  I hate when purses are heavy without anything in them.

When we walked in a sales rep. asked us to join Off 5th rewards program.  It's just name/address/email/phone, or you can ask at the cashier  With this card, you get any discount that is available without having to print or find their coupons.  Plus they have promos where you get an extra percent off.  The  extra 5% promo is running for 2 weeks, which is 5% off all the other coupons on your total bill.  I think this is great.  I can never find or forget my coupons, sometimes I don't know they're even running.  I wish Macy's would have this, I never remember my coupon there either.

So what's your favorite purse/bag right now?  Any great discounts to share?

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Kristie said...

Cute purse. I'm wearing an old NYC bag but my favorite is Michael Kors/Burberry.

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