Sunday, July 25, 2010

UGG BOOTS - In the Summer?

I know it's crazy, but I had to get them because it was almost 1/2 off.  I went back to Off 5th and was walking by the kids clothes, and saw these.  They were in kids sizes, but they looked big and tried them on in a kids 5, and they fit perfect.  I'm a size 7 which I think is kids 5.  They also had a size kids 6, but because these are knit, I wasn't sure if they would stretch like a sweater, and I stuck with the 5's.  

So they were $80 minus 20 or 25% plus my new rewards card got me minus 5%, I think they came out to $67.  I just saw them at Nordi's for $129.  I would have never thought of kids shoes.

So, I had to get them in the middle of summer.  Honestly, I could wear them now because the weather at the beach in California has only been hitting 69 degrees for a high.  I think we had 4 hot days.

Do you like Uggs?  I think they have a Love/Hate relationship with people.


MeiBelle said...

There are so many ppl who hate Ugg boots but I love them! I wear them all the time in the winter. I think they are the most worn shoes I have haha. That's so awesome u got such a deal! enjoy them!! ^^

tinatre said...

Wow! I would never had thought to look at kids shoes. I now have a new section to look through. Great buy! I like Uggs , they look super comfy.

Miss Lipton said...

I just got a pair of classic tall uggs because they were on sale :) I wore them the other day & i didn't find them too warm at all. Very comfy, like walking on new carpet.
I can't wait to use them in the winter, they'll be soo snuggly. x

Kristie said...

I'm a huge UGGS fan. They're so soft and comfortable. You got a great deal on these.

Stavroula said...

Wow you got an amazing deal! I would have never thought to look at kids shoes! I don't own any pair of UGGS, but I really want to buy one! :)


Anonymous said...

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