Wednesday, June 17, 2009


STORE: google it because it can be any diffuser, they all work the same. Some you can attach to your dryer.

Hello everyone!  I'm missing you!  I have been soooo busy this week. I have had my hubby's family in town for the last week, my kids are finishing school & going back w/the in-laws, & we are having our house painted.   I'm hoping things will calm down, so I can catch up with everyone.  I wanted to show you what I've been using to do my hair real quick.

Conair hair diffuser. You use it to dry your hair.  I put in mousse when my hair is wet & place my hair on the spokes until it's dry. If your hair is really thin, dry your hair upside down for volume.
This is what I get. Then if you have parts that are unruly, I just curl them.  I finish off w/hair spray. Sorry the color of the pics are off lately.  June gloom in Cali is making hard to get a good pic.
What is your easy go to hair style, product, tool?


KRYSTAL said...

ive always wanted to try a "diffuser" i hear it doesnt do damage to your hair unlike the typical hair dryer, is that true?!

AbcGrrrL said...

Your hair looks so nice and curly. Love the beachy look. My everyday hair style = straightening my hair. I cannot stand the puffy-ness :(

smiley13tree said...

Your hair looks really nice! And wow, I didn't know you live in Cali. Me too! Gotta love the sunshine here.

Iyah said...

That looks great!!! and your hair color is pretty!!!

becky said...

how cool. you hair is very pretty!!

Karen said...

I always wanted to try the diffuser; from what I hear it's such a great product & the price is very reasonable.

it works great on youu

GiGi said...

The diffuser is healthy for your hair because it dries your hair on low heat.

I have to post another pic of my hair because I just had it done. It's a little darker. Thanks Girls!!!!

Sonya said...

Wow so I want to try it since I color treat my hair, and you mentioned that its healthy for your hair which is a plus.

I love your hair coloring. Does it dry your hair in that beachy curls, or is your hair naturally that way?

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