Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IMATS 2009 + Rant+ Random

Hello everyone. My life has been kookoo crazy!!

I did go to IMATS after all. I thought I wouldn't make it, but I went on Sunday. I did haul, so I will post that. I didn't go crazy. They had a lot of loose e/s, & I'm too messy for that. I bought a lot of brushes. It was pretty crowded, but not bad. I did see a few gurus walking around. They had demos going on everywhere. The special effects makeup was amazing! I couldn't get into MUFE because it was soooooo crowded. I wanted a foundation, but so did everyone else & the testers were everywhere. I couldn't test the colors. Mac was crazy too. They were more organized though. I didn't get anything there. I'm going on a trip so I'm holding back on spending!!!
Did you go to IMATS? What did you think?

Next, this is for the John/Kate followers. Did you see the show last night. I think they both are both selfish. It's sad they're divorcing, but things happen. They suck because she hasn't been there(she's been on tour for 2 yrs) & he's looking for an apt. in NY. You're running from your kids, they're not in NY. The house is where they'll stay when its their turn with the kids. WHAT??? She filed for divorce yesterday. I didn't believe her tears. I would be curled up in a ball, not giving my $75K interview. I hope his new girl & her body guard/boyfriend are happy. What happened to them going to church & her family money making speaking engagements at churches??
What do you think about these 2?

Finally, I have decided to use the clothes that I have & recycle them. Change them, cut them, I'm not sure yet? I'm working on it, but I do have a sewing machine!!!!!
Any ideas????


KRYSTAL said...

im so sad about jon&kate! especially last night's episode. i believe they ARE selfish and arent thinking of the kids, thats all they even say, ITS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS, yeahhh riiight! and that is so true, whatever happened to them going to church!? *sigh

becky said...

Im over JOn and Kate. I never really liked Kate in the first place. Whenever they do the couch interviews, I dont sense any real love between them. I feel more bad for their children. It's like now that they have money, they want to move on and do better things with their lives and, they have forgotten the real reason why they started a family in the first place.

KiLLaCaM said...

I went to the IMATS on saturday! I would've loved to meet you! it was CRAZY on saturday..you're lucky you didn't go then.

as for jon and kate, I think that they really need to get out of the limelight and lay low for a while so that everything can blow over. everything has been blown out of proportion and I think there is more to the story than what has been reported. my heart hurts for the kids and I wish them all the best.

Edna said...

Their show ruined their marriage. It's so unfortunate.

GiGi said...

There show went on hiatus. Maybe the kids will get a summer break now.

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