Monday, June 15, 2009


I forgot to post this LE 224 brush from my haul.  I didn't have a 224, so when I saw this @ the CCO, I was excited.  Plus, it's a beautiful ornate handle. It's sterling silver & heavy. This brush really smokes out the color.

In other news, I have been busy with the in-laws because they are in town for another week.  My kids are going back with them for a couple weeks, so that's exciting & sad for me. I saw that I have a couple blog awards, thanks so much. I hope to be getting to those soon.  

I went to see the Honey collection from Mac & i didn't buy 1 thing. I wasn't impressed by anything.  I think the e/s collections that are LE have no color pay off in recent collections.

What do you think?


Tabitha Sheridan said...

Thats so beautiful!
I'm dissappointed you didnt like the honey collection as im so looking forward to it! fingers crossed ill love it! xx

AbcGrrrL said...

Wow, the 224 brush is absolutely gorgeous with the detailing!

Dannimag said...

It is a pretty brush.
I went to MAC today and I didn't like anything from the collection either, so all i got was concealer.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

That brush is so pretty!

JulieMua said...

hey sweetie,
How have you been? Well I'm back! well kind of..
It's been a rough ride for me and I'm still trying to recover yet it's going to take a long time due to my bone being so separated and on top of it all I also dislocated my bone.
I haven't seen that brush is that new? I need to make my way to mac to get some makeup.. Not that I need anymore makeup lol

Sonya said...

The 224 is such an amazing brush, but this LE one has the most darling handle. Your in-laws are visiting again?? That's nice!!! Are you guys BBQ and stuff again??

Rachel said...

Wow that brush is beautiful just to look at!! Don't forget you get 25% off at MAC til tomorrow code is SUMO! Although it looks like you are very well stocked anyways:0)

I changed the name of my blog and now now of my lovely followers get my feed grr!! Can you come back over and click follow me again! Thank you so much darlin!!

Whit said...

i've been lemming that brush!!!

make up is my besties said...

awww very nice =)

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