Monday, June 29, 2009


These are my only 4 Mac MSF's. I love the idea of them. I love the way they look, but honestly I hardly use them. I use them as a highlighter, but since I don't own many matte blushes, I try not to look too shiny or glittery. I pulled them out because they're one of the products I want to use more of. Maybe if I got the darker shades of the MSF's, I could use it as a blush. I was looking at the Mac Colour Craft collection & I love a lot of the MSF's. I hope they look just as good in person. The colors look darker.

But what I do use a lot are the MSF natural. I love them because it can be used by itself or to set your foundation. They don't leave a powdery look, but a really pretty shine, no glitter. I don't really use the shimmer side of the split MSF, but it's a really pretty shimmer.
What are your thoughts on Mac MSF's? What are your suggestions or ideas? What do you think of the Colour Craft collection?


lipstickrules123 said...

I have a bunch of them as well but rarely use! I do love them but not sure why I don't use them often. Some of them are kind of overly shimmery for day so maybe that is why. Good post!


Christine said...

Hey! I love your blog.

I love my MSF natural it doesn't clog my pores and it gives you that flawless and glow without a lot of effort=)

Tali said...

I think they are great BUT you have to reapply the msf powders through the day.. but i think i like them more for how they look!!

Edna said...

I only have 2 MSFs, the natural + split duo which is becoming one of my essentials once again! I usually swirl the matte side 2-3x then a light swirl on the shimmer then work that on my face with a kabuki brush. Perfect subtle dewey look without looking too shiny :)

My other one is perfect topping from the Sugar Sweet collection and I love using that as a highlighter on my cheeks. I'm happy with my 2 MSFs :)

GiGi said...

@Christine Thanx

GiGi said...

@Tali I think it is about the way they look!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! gotta love the MSFs!! :D

after looking at this pic, spotting perfect topping, i really, badly want it ...and i thought i was brilliant how i'd skipped past sugarsweet in anticipation for ARR and SW. :(

Anonymous said...

im not sure if its true but i hear that MAC makeup eats your skin? and that it leaves holes in it?

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