Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ladies & Gents, this is my new found cheap love.
I've been reading good reviews about this & then I saw beautybargainhunter on YT review this.  Before she even reviewed it I was thinking her hair looks so good lately. But what sold me is the"ROUGH" part of the description. Ever since I cut & colored my hair last it feels rough. This is so moisturizing, my hair feels like silk. It smells so good & it's $5 @walmart for 32oz. 
It feels soft & my hair doesn't look dry.  I have course, thick hair so I can use it everyday & it won't look greasy. 
You should try it for the price.  
What is your favorite drugstore hair product?


Chrissy said...

I do love Dove. :) My hair feels so much nicer with it. Does nothing for my frizzies though.

mzkrystall said...

dove is a great product/brand. but for me i use tresseme's thermal recovery because i tend to flatiron my hair alot!

Sonya said...

Hmmm I have to try this on my thick hair!!

Zoella. said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog and i love it! Fab hauls and reviews and your jewellry collection is amazing. So jealous. :) Am now an avvid follower x

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