Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm so happy to be back from NY because I've missed reading all your blogs. I feel like I've missed so many goodies. I had a great time, I love NY.  I'll  post some pics & a small haul from there. 
So this is one of the set of e/s I took with me.  L.A. colors 5 shadow is super pigmented & pretty cheap. I bought his at a store called Styles for $2.49. You  could get lucky & sometimes find L.a. colors at the dollar store.  Cherry Culture carries them for $4.

The colors I got was called wine & roses.  I love them. They are a little powdery, but they last a long time. 
I love how rich the colors look. They have a perfect shimmer to them. You don't need to pile on the e/s to get it to show, like some less expensive products. They had 3 other color combo's, I have to go back & try them. 
Has anyone tried the other colors or products? What did you like/dislike? 


Meya said...

i got to get some now! I always see them but change my mind...

Sonya said...

Yayy you're back!! I didn't know they look that vibrant. I love the purples in the palette.

I'm glad your trip in NY went well. How was your Easter? I went to the doctor's last Wednesday, and I'm STILL only 1cm dilated. Hopefully, I have her this week.

I got some bad news...the Sonia Kashuk is really really really hard to wash. I can't even get it back to just plain ol' blue. I used my beautyblender cleaner, and I sweart that sponge just looks like it has skid marks. I still really like it though.

Well I can't wait to see your haul pics. I would of gone crazy at Chinatown in NY. You can find some really cool beauty stuff in that place.

Sonya said...

p/s How old are your kid(s)? Did they go to NY too? I hope you and your family had a great Easter. I'm craving tater tot hot dish right now with lots of ketchup on top.

Yelena said...

Pretty!! I've never seen this brand before in stores...I hope I do!

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