Monday, April 27, 2009


Split MSF-$18.75 Medium 1/2 shimmer
E/S-$10 Sign n Sealed
Lippie-$10 buoy-buoy

I told you guys before a CCO nearby is good/bad thing.

I love the e/s the most. The matte is so soft, blendable,  & pigmented (that's one swipe) I've been using it as a liner too. 
What other matte's are really good(mac or non-mac)? Sometimes the shiny/shimmer is too much.


Chrissy said...

Wow, that e/s looks so so pigmented! And I love that lippie, it's like, perfect for everyday.

Tali said...

Oh i feel in my bones that i NEED that msf!!!

makeupper said...

That eyeshadow looks really nice!

dirty sexy makeup said...

you are so so soooo lucky,
i bought that MSF and i lost it, was so heartbroken.. i've been searching high and low for that.
would you be interested in a swap or purchasing that for me if i pp you money?
i want it in medium dark/natural + shimmer.

dirty sexy makeup said...

the wholesale site you sent me didn't have it but it had so much other stuff i forgot i wanted LOL
i smell damageeee.
ahha thanks doll :)

Lulu said...

oo your duo MSF looks much better than the one I got at CCO a coupld weeks ago, I also got it in Medium+shimmer, but my shimmer and medium were about half and half, instead of yours, where there is more medium than shimmer. Sometimes I have trouble getting my brush to swipe the power because I'd get into the shimmer part that I don't need!

Sonya said...

Living close to a CCO is bad, bad, bad!! That's why I'm so glad I live 40 minutes away from mines. I love MAC mattes, but the matte 42 palette from CS is awesome too!! I love that palette. I've been using my 42 palettes from CS every day :)

Whit said...

nice deal!!!

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