Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NEW YORK - TRIP (pic heavy)

I love New York & I miss it already!  I have a ton of things to say & show you, so I'm going to split it up in a couple of days.  I had the best time & the best food ever.  Everything I ate from the hot dog carts to the Steak House was amazing.  We walked for the entire time, rain or cold. I didn't want to miss a thing.
Time Square is CRAZY busy, amazing, & fun.

Toys R Us in times square has a ferris wheel in it. Of course we rode it.
This is Lexington Ave. where you can find ANY store you can think of.

We stayed at the Hyatt Grand Central Station & this is inside Grand Central.  So many movies were made here. It's so nostolgic. The best part, the most amaziningly delish food court. From bakeries, italian, indian, deli. Everything is gourmet quality. A must see.

Fao Swartz was so fun. Central Park, The Plaza, & Fao were all in a circle next to each other.  the girls love Home Alone, so this was so fun for them, & me too.
The candy store in Fao.
Hello Bloomies- do you miss me?
Central Park was my Fave.  I love it there. I have more pics of this later.  This was just the first day. It was cold, cloudy & rain, But I had the best time.

Have you been to NY, what was your fave thing about it?


Lisa Fashionista said...

I love NYC! I need to take another trip there soon, you're making me miss it! lol

Emma said...

I've never been but I really, really want to go!

I want to go in winter though.

Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing

Kristina said...

I am a New Yorker for close to 8 years now, and although its sometimes nice to get away...I always come back to it :]

Meya said...

never been but really want to!!! such pretty pictures!

Sonya said...

NY looks like pure retail bliss. I love living in the suburbs, but hate how the fancy boutiques and shops are a distance away LOL.

I love Home Alone as well!! I grew up watching those family flicks. I'm glad you had a good time in NY. You'll have to take pictures of things you bought over there :)

iambeautiful20 said...

Lucky!!! Im going this summer to visit old friends who i havent seen in 10 years. I'm so excited. Ive been wanting to go to N.Y. I might pass by The Food Network since im a big food buff :)

Belle Du Jour said...

Gigi! I am so glad you had fun in NYC, what was your favorite thing? Did you get to try out any fun resturants? I have a huge list of favorites here in my hometown!!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I went about a year ago now and I loved it so much! I really can't wait to go back.

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