Monday, April 6, 2009


This is my retail therapy for Saturday. It was one of those days when I really was blah!!! So I drove my boody to the CCO at The Block. Sometimes it's not so good to have a CCO so close.   

I bought a holiday palette in Devoted Poppy & 2 e/s in Evening Aura(top) & Lotusland.
I love Lotusland. It's from the Starflash collection, which are really soft. Evening Aura looks light gold on. It's a pretty lid color with almost any color.  I'm afraid to depot the Starflash. Has anyone done it. I already broke one.

Besides the haul, I've been getting ready for New York. I'm leaving on Tuesday :), but I heard it's really cold, boo!  I hope to be checking my blog, but I already have postings set to go up. In case you gals need some reading.  Well I'm excited to take lots of pics & share them with you!



Iyah said...

lol! I depotted all of my starflashes :) No cracks, no dents :) I used the alcohol technique. I hate using the fire technique coz most likely, it will damage the pan :/ I hate pans with dents. :(

Krystallia said...

I never broke eyeshadow when depotting but i did break a blush(worse)dont know about alcohol technique but sounds great cause i hate too the fire one.Love aura very much!!

Meya said...

omg! i love the block!!! i remember when that was the spot to be... long time ago when it first opened. i don't know now because i dont live in orange county anymore.... anyways look at me blabbing.... great haul!!

Sonya said...

What's in NY sweetie??? I love your haul, I think Lotusland is gorgeous. Well you know...I love purples...all kinds. Too bad my CCO is like 45 minutes away from my place. Anyways keep us updated while you're on your trip!!

Sher said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sad I missed out on evening aura, its gorgeous!

Belle Du Jour said...

I am SO jealous you have a CCO so close. The only one close to be is 45 min away outside of NYC...I am looking desperatley for some mac le items.

KiLLaCaM said...

i still need to visit a CCO around here. i think the nearest one is like an hour away.

i love your blog!

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