Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FOREVER 21 JEWELRY HAUL + something extra

I have been back to school shopping with the girls this past week & have picked up a couple of goodies along the way! The fall clothes are starting to come in & it's getting exciting. Purples & soft shades of pinks are huge.

I always find little cute nail art decals or paints at checkout. So don't forget to look around the registers. I want to do some nail designs, so I thought these Art Deco paints would be great. They were $1.80 & so was the blush. The blush is so pretty. It reminds me of a beauty powder blush by Mac. It brightens w/out the disco glitter. They had it in 3 shades, I am going back. What a great deal.

I can not say enough about the beautiful & more importantly great prices of their jewelry, belts, & scarves. Everything I got was under $5.80. I can take a simple white or black tee & make it look great! I call my clothes mommy gear chic, & F@! helps me get there. This bracelet was $3.80. It's a cuff & the gold looks great w/my fake tan, haha! I have a leaf necklace I bought there a while ago that would look good together.

The black bracelet with the silver studs will make any simple shirt dressy & fun. I have been seeing shirts, purses, & jeans with the studs for fall. I love the bangles. The noise makes me happy, weird I know.

I have a couple of other hauls coming up. This summer has been slow with the hauls. I guess I was too busy & really wasn't that inspired by the collections.
I did go to Ulta & picked up some things, which I will post. Not too much from the wish list though.
So are you ready for fall? What's your fave fall color in clothes & makeup?


Halifax said...

Cute stuff you got. What brand is that blush, very pretty?

lola said...

lovely necklace...super cute...i tagged you...check it out ;)...xoxo

Makeup Fashion Love said...

Great haul! I really need to check out Forever 21 soon! Visit my blog for August Favorites!

glimmeringmetal said...

i literally almost bought all those exact jeweleries like an hour ago :p

GiGi said...

Alola thanks for the Tag. Look like fun!

GiGi said...

@glimmeingrmetal great minds think alike!

XRocksmama said...

great haul!!! love the necklace from f21 :)

Iyah said...

yay for haul!! I want some art deco :D

Anonymous said...

I just love the accessories at Forever 21..I recently got 2 amazing necklaces for $8.00 ea!
Check out the pics on my blog..thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It is rather valuable piece

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