Saturday, September 26, 2009


I was shopping at Nordstroms and these Jimmy Choo's blew me away. I have no where to wear them & at $645 I think you should wear them a lot. It's one of those moments when you fall in love with something you won't or can't have.

What is the thing that has taken your breath away recently?


su-pah said...

Oh my! I totally understand how you'd fall in love with these! I think they'll be great at Christmas parties and with many styles of frocks. Go girl!

la dolce vita said...

lately tall boots make my heart skip a beat..problem is the only ones I'm drawn to live in the Prada and Dolce world!!

FELINE. said...

oh god! I have a lot of those kind of buys! especially with shoes... I got a lot of really high heels that I wore once.. Oh well, I'm a girl so its oke :)

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