Saturday, September 12, 2009


I was looking at the Fall trends in Vogue and came across Marc Jacobs runway collection. Guess who did the makeup? Francois Nars!! He did 65 different looks on 65 different models.

What I found most interesting is that he returned to do the show after an almost 10 year hiatus! He's been doing all his business from an island off the coast of Bora Bora. The colors of islands does remind me of all the beautiful Nars colors of blush and shadows!

The looks are over the top, my opinion only. The colors, however, are beautiful and rich.

His tip was to start with black on the lids and then add color. He said it pops and makes the color"chic". He says, "You want to play with the makeup. Makeup is an accessory-that is the message."

Oh, I do love Nars. I swatch everything every time I pass them by.

What's you favorite Nars product and color?


Kell said...

haha yeah.. some of those looks are a little crazy but you can't argue with the colors! they look fantastic .. makes me wanna go on a NARS shopping spree :-X


Catanya said...

I do love Nars products too!! Up to now, I love Laguna (It is a basic) and also the Multiples, mine is South Beach and I want all of them!!

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