Saturday, September 26, 2009


Happy Monday everyone! I had a busy weekend & I am hoping for a good week(positive thoughts).

I bought another one of the Color Sensational lipsticks in Nearly There #205. I really like my first one & a bogo was going on. I bought another Maybelline 24 hr. foundation. I will review it, but I'm trying to use different ways of application to see what's best, but I like it.

This is the lightest color in the nudes & it's perfect for me. I don't have to use a liner. I put it on like Chapstick. The lipsticks are moisturizing, not drying. The smell on the pink one is better, but this isn't so bad. So before you buy smell the lipstick.

It's shiny & glittery, but doesn't feel like a gloss.

Here it is on my lips, no liner. It looks almost like Nars Orgasm blush.

Have you tried the new Color Sensational? What do you think of there staying power?

How was your weekend? Any makeup hauls?


Eliza said...

Haven't tried these yet. Loving this colour.


dαnnεεl said...

I was going to pick the exact color up, but then i kinda have a 2nd thought. Now i see the swatch, I probably will get it. The swatch kinda reminds me lady's choice l/s from benefit, which is one of my favorite l/s.

pangie said...

ooo... i'll have to get that color too. i got the on the mauve and one of the peach color... forgot the exact name. love them both.

Anonymous said...

I do have one that I picked up weeks ago and the staying power is pretty good..But I re-apply all day long anyway beacause of the guilt free price!

GiGi said...

@daneel I don't own a benefit l/s. I have to try one soon

Iyah said...

That is such a nice lip color!! Loveee it! :D

PCMP_Forever said...

I am so loving nudes right now! I need to have every single one. This will defo be my next purchase. :)


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