Saturday, September 26, 2009


So my hubby, or Suga Daddy as I call him, just got back from London, & he bought me this Mac gift. It's called Mac Trip, & it's from the duty free at Heathrow. It came with 2 fluid lines, 209se, & a zip case.

This is the box, so pretty.
The fluid lines are in Dipdown(L) & Macroviolet(R).
I love the brown because I don't own a brown fluidline, but the Macroviolet is my fave. Besides a liner, I think I'll use this as a shadow. It's the perfect purple.
The case is a patent leather white w/black stripes. This is like the red one from the Holiday collection. I use my red one & put my camera in. The red is easy to find. There's a little pocket in there also. I usually have my debit card & licence there for quick access. Now I'll use this one, & it's easy to clean too.
This was so sweet of him. he picked it out because he said it was only offered at duty free, & he knew I wouldn't have it. It may simple to us, but for some guys that's a process to figure out what we don't have. Love you Baby!!

For those who live in London, he said how wonderful it is, and the food & beer were amazing. I am jealous, but I won't tell him.

Have you heard of these? Are there more like this out there?
What's your fave surprise present?


smiley13tree said...

OMG that looks amazing! I always love the stuff they sell at Duty Free. I just want to buy everything! I agree how the purple looks gorgeous. This makes me want to check out that purple shade from Stila.

su-pah said...

so sweet of your hubby! he has great taste! :)

I have dipdown, love its chocolatey colour, but that purple is phwooaar!!

Becks said...

wow those are gorgeous! No, I've never heard of them, it is so sweet of him to get those for you :)

sternchenslove said...

That´s soooooo sweet of your husband. Congratulations. The colors are great. I have both of them.

GiGi said...

Thanks girls. I'm trying to be extra nice to the hubby.

Eliza said...

That's so adorable of your hubby to do that. It's it great when someone knows exactly what will make you happy!
I've never used the fluidlines before so would love to see what looks you create with them.


Iyah said...

Oohh that is such a great buy! and so sweet of your hubby to get it for you! :D

tiff said...

The purple fluidline is so pretty! The case is cute too.

I love when my bf buys me makeup because he really seems to know what I like...I guess he pays more attention than I thought.

Meya said...

that is so cute of your sugar daddy lol love the purple fluidline

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