Monday, December 14, 2009


E.L.F. had 60% off their studio line, & you know what I did, Hauled. I picked up bronzed & all over color stick from the $1. I like the bronzed it really warms up the face. If you want a concealer try the all over color stick it's got peach undertones for the dark circles.

I want to review the blush & eyeshadows, which are nice.

I wanted the HD powder, but they were sold out. Have you tried it? Is it good? What about the primer? I have the worst luck because my skin is so oily & primers feel oily too. I need something for the pores.
Disclaimer(I bought all tis w/my own money)


Princesa Livia said...

Nice haul! :) I've never tried anything by elf before xx

Gaby said...

What a great haul!

Jasmin said...

Wow! Awesome haul!

Glam-Me-Up said...

I just got the face primer. It is okay. This is the only one I have used so I cant compare it to others. But it did dry really fast and make my foundation last longer. It makes your face really soft. Its a lot smaller than it looks online too.

Becks said...

nice haul! I have the ELF powder, it's hmm okayy... I think it may be better in the summer or warmer weather. Right now it's kind of "ghosty" looking on and its just a litttttle too drying for my dry combo spots. I think it's worth getting but I like natural setting powder better. Also, I can't compare it to the one made by MUFE either so I dunno hehehe.

Marce said...

Great haul! Can't wait for reviews!

Shar said...

I've never tried their eye shadows.. let us know how you like them! and swatches too!!

rayqueenbee said...

Nice haul, I wanted to haul on some ELF goodies too but most of what I wanted sold out.

Shela said...

Wow that's a pretty dent haul ya got there! I haven't tried the HD powder but here's a link to someone's post-- Charlotte from Lipglossiping received one for review:

And as for primers, I'm always on the lookout for one that works well for my oily/com. skin. I did a review on 4 different primers a while back if you'd like to read about it:


GiGi said...

Thanks for all the feedback on the primer & HD powder. I will put up some reviews & swatches.


cLaRa711 said...

Nice Haul! I tried the primer it has a thick feeling (like vaseline) but overall it's pretty good. Makes your face look flawless


scarlettholly said...

ooh I want to try elf so bad. This looks like an awesome haul. Next time they have a sale I'll totally be hauling.

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