Sunday, December 20, 2009


Baked pasta casserole!

You can find the recipe on recipe zarr here. This is a great website for recipes, ideas, & menus!

This is a simple recipe that you just put in a pan. mix, & bake. It tastes like lasagna without the work!

What's your favorite recipe or recipe website?


sternchenslove said...


My favorite recipe is grilled green asparagus with mashed creamy potatoes and a little filet mignon. That´s the only meat I eat. Every year for just one time!

And I love chocolate cakes!

Enjoy your food!

Kate Gene said...

That looks delicious!

My favorite website for recipes is


DSK Steph said...

I love that dish! It looks great & not too hard for a cooking newbie like me. Thanks for the website :)

GiGi said...

sternchenslove I love filet, yum!

magnesium said...

Thank you for sharing such a nice recipe. I would love this item. I am giving a party to my friends this weekend at my farmhouse. I was wondering about some new item to treat my friends with. I will surely try this and let you know.

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

this looks so good. I love anything pasta :)

you should check out

she makes dinner for her family for under 5 bucks!

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