Friday, December 11, 2009


Forever 21, you just cant beat the prices. I never feel guilty for buying what I like.

This skirt is really black, but the color looks off, $14.

It's tight fitting & I love the pleats in the back. Makes the butt look Jloish.
This is a silk cami, $15. I'm pairing it w/a boyfriend blazer & skinny jeans.
The tights are textured & i thought would look great with all black skirt or dress. The belts were 2/$5. I'm planning on wearing the black skirt w/a plain black shirt & a leopard belt & boots.
Have you seen the great jewelry they have? I want it all. I like there shoes, but they feel so hard, I don't know. I love the La Girls nail polish. Have you tried that. You could get them at F21 online now.

What's the last thing you bought from F21?
Disclaimer: I have bought all my own products. I was not paid by a company for my review or haul. This is my honest opinion.


Mae said...

Great picks!
I just bought three rings from there. I agree, I want all their jewelry, too! :)

Shela said...

Oh my god, I bought 2 LA girl polishes (and I agree with you, they are le bombe), 2 flower rings, and a beaded chain necklace. So gorgeous and affordable.

But that also adds up too. Mehh.

Kate Gene said...

That cami is soooo pretty! Can I borrow it? ;) J/K! You've got great taste. I like everything you purchased!


Kate Gene

Anonymous said...

I am officially addicted to Forever 21 *sigh*...thank goodness they're cheap!

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