Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Love my new iPhone, but I feel like it's so delicate. I was in search of a new case. I found a great store on eBay it's the samsung unique store. They have a huge selection for every phone. My cases were $24.95, but prices vary depending on the phone. This was the higher end of prices too, not bad.

The first one is the leopard print in flat sequence. It's really pretty & its been a couple of weeks, no sequence has fallen off. My daughter loved this one, so she took it! She is so picky, you know this is super cute. She already dropped hers. Her phone & case were not damaged at all.

This sexy pin up black number is mine. When I first saw it online, I thought it was all rhinestones & didn't really know how that would hold up. Its really a hard plastic covering made to look like it's blinged out!
Here's my favorite part, i loved that the pin up was dark haired, like me. Parts of her are colored rhinestones.
If I had to say anything that I don't like, is the black case is a little rough near the ear, but I love them & will definitely get more. I ordered them & they were shipped the next day. Service was great too.

I hope this is helpful in choosing a trustworthy eBay seller.

Who is your favorite eBay seller for makeup or accessories? I would love recommendations!


Computergirl said...

Wow, cool cases- love the leopard one! :) Happy Holidays!

Kell said...

cute! im an animal print freak so i love that leopard one :)


Katie said...

link doesn't work :(

Jasmin said...

Cute!! Love these! I just got an iphone!! Thanks, for sharing!

Anonymous said...

luv the leopard

Anonymous said...

wow, what a sexy phone cover!
You have good taste..enjoy!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

thats is soooo cute.

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