Saturday, October 10, 2009


There is a great Tag going on YT. What are the 3 Mac products you missed out on? I always think about what I should have bought or missed out on. I guess if I never really wanted them is one thing, but I wanted these & swatched them & never bought them. I had them in my hands.

Manish Arora

This one really got me mad. I thought they had released it at all the Mac stores or Pro stores. I picked out everything I wanted & even put it in my basket online. I go to my Pro store & what, no. It's only online!! Came home & it was all sold out! The colors are not my fave, but I love fashion & makeup, I really wanted this. I am a packaging whore.

Cult of Cherry Collection

Spiced quad- I swatched this 10x's & I didn't get it. These are my colors, why didn't I do it? Now they just cost too much on ebay.

Barbie Loves Mac

Hello it's Barbie & Mac having a love affair. This was when I was a Mac virgin still. I looked at it & just loved all the Barbie logos, but I didn't know a thing about makeup. I wouldn't even swatch them because the girls at my Mac counter scared me!!

Now I tag all of you!
What are your 3 regrets? Tell us below or let me know your link!


AlwaysAdira said...

The entire Heatherette collection, especially the Alpha Girl beauty powder. I don't know where my head was during this collection, because I LOVE the packaging! =(

I kind of regret not getting the Hello Kitty Brush set and makeup bags too.

amynicola_ox said...

i regret the spiced chocolate quad too :( gr and now people are selling them for like $70 so im like definitely not!

Iyah said...

I so want the Barbie loves MAC! :( I got a hold on the manish arora because they went on sale at the CCO. They only have like 10 of them and I was lucky enough to buy 2 but then I sold one.. ahahah and kept the other one :P

Raquel said...

I feel the same way about the MAC products you picked,I could kick myself for not getting them or trying to get them to late.On line people want a arm and a leg for them.

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i missed out on the same collection (barbie) oh well next time lol im totally diggin ur blog, will be following feel free to say hi sometime

Consuela said...

I've seen both the manish aurora and the spiced chocolate quad on all cosmetics wholesale .com , but you are going to pay a lot since they are rare! I placed an order on all cosmetic wholesale last week but it's not in yet so I can't give feedback on the site. However I know some youtubers rave on it like michele1218. Good luck!

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