Thursday, October 8, 2009

HARD CANDY @ WALMART (Mac Dupe Alert & swatches)

I've been watching a lot of drugstore hauls & fave on YT, & found out they are selling Hard Candy at Walmart. They are $6-10 $ have the cutest (or tackiest) packaging. I think I was slow on this because a lot of things were sold out-gone!

I bought a lipstick in Fire Alarm & Shadow Stick in whimsy. I wanted to try more, but I thought i would start w/these 2.
Top- Whimsy is a shadow stick or base. I am going to also use it as a cream blush-Pretty!

Bottom- Fire Alarm lippi- it's like a lipstick & gloss in one- no need for a gloss
I wanted too show how whimsey looks as base. It actually brings out the sparkle in the Mac shadows.

L-R Whimsey, Nocturnal, Sketch, Da Bling

The colors look so vibrant. I think I will still use a paint pot first because the whimsey is very creamy & it may crease.

Fire Alarm is the same color as Mac Hue lipstick.
Top - Bottom Mac Myth, Fire Alarm, Hue
I was so excited for the Fire Alarm because I needed a new Hue. I love the colors of both. I have to try the shadow stick to see if it will crease. I hope not because They had other pretty colors. I wanted to try the baked shadows, but they only had a few left, & not in my colors. I read great reviews on the mascara too. They had them in every color.

Have you found the Hard Candy at Walmart yet? What have you tried?
What is the best dupe you have found?


gor(jess). said...



Meya said...

the lipsticks look great =)

glimmeringmetal said...

Ya I tried it I wrote a review about it a couple days ago.. not impressed. I got the eyeliner, mascara and mineral shadow. Nooooot worth it!


tiff said...

I love Fire Alarm. I wanted Hue, but I guess I don't really need it now. I want to try the shadow sticks now though. I just hope the stuff isn't sold out everywhere.

Iyah said...

OOHHH!! I gotta check out my Walmart to see if they have it already. Cute packaging indeed!! :D

GiGi said...

@glimmeringmetal Oh no, I have to read your review!

Marilyn said...

I tried the Hard Candy baked eyeshadow and really liked it. My best friend did as well! Tried the liquid liner--didn't like (took too long to dry, flaked off). I do like the blush though. I really want to try Fire Alarm--thanks for the swatches.

Stephany said...

i love lovee love fire alarm. its the only lipstick i'll use now. i highly recommend it too!

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