Friday, October 16, 2009


I headed over to Mac today for the Holiday 2009 launch. I was a little disappointed again.
I ended up with only 2 things. I bought the eyeshadow palette in Smoke & Mirrors and a
Dsquared greasepaint stick in V.

I love this paint stick. Look at the color, royal purple w/black. This won't budge at all. It's better than the shadesticks & paint pot. It's a great base or just lid color.
They had 6 palettes. I chose this one because i know i can use all the colors. What i noticed about this years & last years palettes is that the eye shadows are chalky.
What i really noticed is the size of the shadows. i feel like they are 1/2 last years shadow size. Here is last years smokey palette. The size looks smaller, is it?
What i loved most was the bags that the kits came with. They were really pretty, but i already had a lot of the colors they put together. The one thing i did like though was the blush/highlight/bronzer combos. I already had those colors, but i was leaning towards the pink one.

I'm done with this collection. I really wasn't too excited with it or the size or the texture of the shadows.

What are your thoughts? Do you like anything or are you getting something from the collection?


XRocksmama said...

I only looked at them online, have to check them out in the store soon! I like the pink mineral set too but I already have Love Connection MES(it's gorgeous). All the stuff in the pink set are really nice!

I have many MAC holiday palettes and I love the smokey eye palette last year the most ;)

Jasmin said...

Cute! I want this too! Not sure about it yet.

DSK Steph said...

I agree with you on the MSF's combos, they're nothing new.

Thanks for being so fast and posting pics! I haven't been to a MAC store in a longgg time so it's nice to live through other girls on blog ;)


dαnnεεl said...

I went to mac last night and nothing wow me, so i didnt get anything and i dont think i will.

Sarah x said...

I do want this, even though it is small. Damn Mac and their advertising lol!

em said...

yeah I'm trying to skip MAC holiday this year. The palette you got is the only thing that's tempting me from the collection, it does look so wearable.

Iyah said...

The pouches are really cute! I want them.. Didn't get anything though.. nothing caught my eye. :P

smiley13tree said...

MAC hasn't really been wowing me lately! I guess that's kinda a good thing but Sephora is really pulling at me. :P

bunee said...

ugh yea nothing really wows me from the holiday collection . i'll probably skip it altogether . but thats okay !! cuz .. have you seen the baroque boudoir collection coming out next month ? all the money unspent on holiday collection can go towards that ! its sooo gorgeous, if you havent seen it yet, go check it out at temptalia !

Makeup Vancouver said...

I kind of like this collection. I think it's a nice one.

Beauty Muse said...

I'm also wanting the Smoke and Mirrors palette, but I think I'll have to pass on it this time. I have a lot of colours similar to it already. :\

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