Monday, October 19, 2009


I was at H & M the other day & I came across this beautiful bracelets set. You get the whole set for $13. I loved the BOHO chic look. I wore them with a plain white V & jeans. Looked so nice.

Here they are all together.

This is them separated. I think you get a lot of bracelets for the money. You get wear them separate for another look. The gold one look antique, don't they?

Also today I placed my Sephora friends & family order. I got a couple Too Faced packages for X-mas gifts & the Stila lip glosses. For myself i bought the Tarte Treasure box. I saw it at Sephora & it has 32 eye colors(matte & shimmer) 16 Tarte glosses, 4 blush, a highlighter & bronzer. It's a $668 value for $52. Tarte is also an all natural brand. I wanted one of the palettes, & it was $44, so when i saw all this, I was super excited. Look how pretty the packaging is.

So what is on your Sephora list or wish list?


Anonymous said...

The bracelets are cute...and you're right - they would be perfect paired with a plain white V and jeans.

Cute blog by the way.

Juicygirl said...

Loving the bangles the bigger the better I always think love your blog xoxox

Anonymous said...

Great bracelets! All of this is lovely. Great purchases.


GiGi said...

@Juicy girl Love that - the bigger the better!

makeupper said...

I LOVE the bracelets!! :D

Anonymous said...

Love the chunky bracelets..I love them big too..even noisy if possible!!

Jasmin said...

Love the bracelets!! Too cute! Love the boho chic look.

Sonya said...

GiGi!!! I love the bracelet, very Bohemian. I still can't believe you get all that for $13. Have you seen the Jimmy Choo line for H&M?

Funny, I picked up the Tarte Treasure Chest too. I heard it's almost.

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