Friday, October 2, 2009


My favorite new blush is Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy in Dusk brunette. I picked it up at CVS for $9 because it reminded me of my favorite all time blush in X-Rocks by Mac. It's so pretty & pigmented. It stays on all day!

This is Dusk Brunette next to Flirt & Tease & X-Rocks at the end. They are all similar, but the Sally Hansen is more color & less sparkles & glitter.
These are the 3 together. The Dusk Brunette is the same color as the MAC Flirt & Tease & sisters with the X-Rocks. Which makes very happy because it's 1/2 the price & X-Rocks is limited edition.
I going to have to try some more of these blushes. The staying power & pigmentation have me sold, plus it's usually BOGO at Ulta.
What other products are worth trying from this line? Any blush recommendations?


Macalicious said...

Wow they look really similar, I wish we had that shop in the UK! Sarah x

Kell said...

I've seen this brand before but I've never tried it.. I do love that first color though.. I've been searching for good fall shades for blushes and this one definitely looks like it fits the bill! awesome post :)


Anonymous said...

I always ignore the Sally Hansen..I've got to try the blush.

Elise said...

thanks for this post - useful !

dαnnεεl said...

I'm actually more into blush than anything else. I definitely have to check out the sally hansen blush, they do look very similar!

ruffles and poof said...

The Sally Hansen Carmindy line is great. I love the pencil eyeliners and I've heard great things about their spray foundation. That blush is beautiful, I'll have to check it out when Rite Aid has their sale.

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