Sunday, April 11, 2010


My parents were in town, so we decided to hit up the Ontario Outlet's. 

First stop was the CCO.  There are so many great Mac products out from past collections.  They had the newest 2009 Holiday collection out too.  

Left: Highlight powder in Golden Nectar(Naked Honey col.)  Vibrant Grape (Style Warriors col.)

I wasn't interested when I first saw them at Mac, but I kept seeing vibrant grape on YT, and fell in love.  They had both the Highlight Powders, but I bought the darker one for spring/summer.  I thought it would be pretty for all over.

Next stop is H&M.  I am really into gold jewelry & these 2 gold ones were screaming for me.  I love the silver 1 too.  It's 3 rings in 1. All under $9.

This last one is a great drugstore  highlighter,  $4.  It's 4 shades of white/lavender/light pink/pink.  You can swirl them together or use them separately.  Honestly, I reach for this more than my Mac MSF's.  This isn't glittery like the Mac, it's a beautiful shimmer.  If you're fair, you could use this as a blush.

Have you seen the ads for H & M?  I love the dresses, so pretty.

What are you looking for at your CCO?


Anonymous said...

Oooh, what fun things! Have you had a chance to use the highlight yet? I am curious about it. Vibrant Grape is gorgeous! Great jewelry scores too. I LOVE the CCO!

Anonymous said...

I love the grape e/s... I wish we had an H&M here, or CCO's!!!

Anonymous said...

No CCO's in Alberta!! :(

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