Saturday, April 10, 2010


What can I say, I love dupes and bargains.  This is a great dupe for OPI Metro Chic, which is on my wishlist, but now crossed off.  This is $3.50 at CVS and the color ids Steel Grey #270.  The color is a beautiful warm gray that will look good on all skin tones.
The polish itself, is like a polish + top coat in one.  It's thick, shiny, and dries super fast.  Now it doesn't last 10 days like it claims, but maybe 4 or 5.

I wish they had more colors, only like 10 maybe.  I would like to try more.  

What's the longest wearing Nail Polish you've found?


MeiBelle said...

i love that color!! i think the Rimmel nail polishes are a great steal, they are super cheap but i find the quality to be great =)

Liza said...

I adore these Rimmel polishes too. Especially the clear base & top coat in one. Their wider brushes are amazing c:

Ashwini said...

OPI with Seche Vite is the longest nailpolish I've found--still its about 6 days only. Any longer, and you're looking at acrylics. I simply HAVE to buy this nailpolish!

Anonymous said...

I just picked this up the other day in posh pink!
I'm in love. It lasted me 7 days with zero chips! until I went rock climbing haha. Then it didn't hold up to well but thats expected.

Iva said...

I LOVE this color!!!

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