Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was contacted by misikko, a company that specializes in hair straighteners, dryers, and flat irons, to try the Hana Professional Flat Iron.  I was really interested after I visited the misikko site because it had great flat irons and my flat iron was on its way out.  That's perfect timing.  

I didn't know how the Hana Flat iron would work because my hair is thick, course, and curly.  The first thing I noticed is how small and light the flat iron is.  The flat irons I've had have always been heavy and bulky, so this was something new for me.  The Hana Flat iron has heat settings to 450 degrees, so for my thick hair,  there was hope of getting it straight.  I've tried so many cheaper ones because you know I love a great deal, but when it comes to flat irons,  you have to put some money into it.

These are the results.  I straightened, flipped, and did some curls here. Before I started, I put some of the Hana Shine Serum in.  I really like how it shines your hair without that greasy weighed down look and smells great. I use the BioSilk serum, but this is a lot thinner and less greasy with the same results.  If your hair is fine to med-thick, you will get the straight hair, but for thicker, course hair, you get the  straight with volume look.  I prefer my hair with volume, so it didn't bother me.  What I really love about this flat iron is the curls it gives you.  Those pretty wispy curls, not the hard defined ones you usually get with other irons. I've been using this to curl my hair now.   Whether you curl or straighten, your hair stays that way.  If your looking for something different than the Hana Flat Iron, go to the misikko site that says Best Flat Irons, you'll find  product raves from beauty experts and customers and more details on their products and the best hair type for the product.  They also carry CHI and Corioliss straighteners.  

Giveaway Time.....
Thanks so much to all my followers, I really didn't think I'd get 1, let alone 500.  You are always so sweet and kind.  Misikko is providing a Hana Flat Iron Bundle for the 500 followers giveaway.....This is what you need to do-
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  2. Leave an "enter me" comment & email so I could contact you
  3. Follow Missiko on twitter
  4. Tweet or post something on my Giveaway(
  5. Subscribe to the Misikko newsletter.
  6. Open to U.S. and Canadian residents

I will pick a winner at random. The Giveaway ends May 1, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me. I am not getting paid for this.  It is my true opinion.


Anonymous said...

Enter me :)
Love your blog.

Kinjal said...

Hey =)

enter me


I dont have twitter but i joined the news letter and i am follower of your blog :) love your blogg

Mae said...

1-6, check.

Enter me, please. Thanks for the fabulous contest!

Thanks so much!

Iyah said...

Yay! Another chance to win this :)


I posted this giveaway also on my sidebar :D

Tina-Bobeena said...

cool giveaway!
Enter Me please! I follow your blog.

Yumeko said...

very cool but i dont live in us or canada! but just wanted to comment anyway!

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

nice giveaway!!!

Enter me Please...I'm a long time follower....

Missiko Tweeter Follower: adin_22
and tweeted about this giveaway too....

Subscribe to MisikkO


Saimese said...

I'm following. Enter me, please. My e-mail is: miss.saimshaikh at-gmail-dot-com

I'm following Missiko on Twitter.

I tweeted about the giveaway:

I subscribed to the Misikko newsletter.

& I'm from Canada :)

Kitty said...

Please enter me! =)

Selena said...

enter me please!

Lisa said...

I'm a follower of your blog! Enter me please!

I'm a dork said...

Enter me :)
my email is

sunniipinky said...

Please enter me. :) My email is & my twitter user is sunniipinky.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

Katie said...

1. Been enjoying your blog for a few months :)
2. Enter me!
3&4. No twitter :(
5. Subscribed to newsletter
6. Go USA!

abby said...

enter me

Amanda said...

Enter me please!

Tweeted about it, Twitter name Necessary2BMe

I am already signed up for the newsletter and I also am following Misikko

So excited! US

FOKXXY said...

I am a follower

Please enter me :)


FOKXXY said...

I follow misikko on twitter.

twitter name: fokxxy


FOKXXY said...

I am a subscriber of the misikko newsletter.


hether78 said...

I'm a follower of your blog!
Please enter me :)


hether78 said...

I follow misikko on twitter!
I'm @hgarland


hether78 said...

I tweeted about your giveaway!


hether78 said...

I subscribe to the misikko newsletter!


Liu said...

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mercy said...

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