Thursday, April 8, 2010


I picked up a few goodies.  I think everything is under $17.  

I thought these would look good by themselves or under a jacket/sweater.

The outer 2 shirts wold be good with my Forever 21 Skinny black jeans.  The odd ball blue dress was $7.  I can wear it as a dress or a bathing suit cover.

I think I've more in love with clothes lately.  What have you been in love with this month?


Kell said...

i love F21's strapless dresses.. they are always so cheap and they have so many colors :) i need to stay away from that store - i can never walk out with just one thing!

abby said...

i feel exactly the same i've been more interested in clothes rather than makeup lately. i love the haull. i esp. like the sweater with love on it. too cute.

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