Thursday, April 15, 2010


Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in Sandstorm - $5-6

I've read some good reviews on this powder, mainly saying that it keeps oily T-zones matte.
I have to say I'm not a fan of this powder either.  It made my skin more oily, rather than keeping it matte.  

It's so dusty, like chalk. It flies everywhere.   I used it with brushes, a sponge, & powder puff, but it's like I never put anything on my skin.  I bought the darkest color, but it just comes out transparent.  

I think this would be good for very dry skin and f you just want to set the foundation.  It will give a dewy look to your skin. If your oily, it will make your skin look greasy.
I want something that keeps the T-zone dry, but if I wanted to brush on the  powder instead of foundation, I could. 

So the search continues.  What makes it harder is that I need something with no SPF.  I figured out after all these years of my eyes being irritated, that anything with SPF makes my eyes swell and itch.  

What do you do for sun protection if you can't use anything with SPF on your face?  


leslielovesmakeup said...

i remember reading that everyday minerals doesn't have spf, but they explained something about natural ingredients that protect that skin from the sun. forgot what it was though.

i understand the whole spf thing, i can't have it any higher than 30 or else it burns my skin.

what kind of moisturizer are you using? that could be what's causing more oiliness. everysince i started taking care of my skin, it's normal now and not as oily as it was before.

GiGi said...

I have to look into everyday minerals. When I was gone on our trip, I put SPF 50 on my face , & I puffed up a bit.

Iyah said...

awww sorry it didn't work for you. I have dry skin and rarely wears powder alone because it dries up my skin :(

Anonymous said...

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FAB! said...

I used this powder and reviewed it too. My experience with it wasn't tht bad.. although I agree on the chalky part. is my blog. I invite you to visit it. If you like it, please follow. I'd be glad.

FAB! said...

I used and reviewed it too. My experience wasn't that bad although I agree on the chalky part.. :) is my blog. I invite you to visit it. If you like it, please follow. I'd be glad.

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