Friday, April 16, 2010

MINI MAC HAUL/Liberty of London

I ran through Macy's and smack into Mac.  I couldn't just pass by because these were too pretty, even though some say the packaging is tacky, I just call it tacky chic.     

These two really stood out out to me.  The blush is a beauty powder blush, which I love.  They are so smooth and creamy.  Birds and Berries eyeshadow is so pigmented, which I never think the eyeshadows in the collections are.  

Prim and Proper Blush                                                                     Birds and Berries 

Prim and Proper is better on Fair to Medium skin tones for a blush and on darker skin tones, I think it's better for a highlight.  It warms the skin and looks like velvet.

Birds and Berries is so pretty.  It's this deep blue/green/gray combo.  It reminds me of what Club looks like in the pan.  I may not use it daily, but I think it's different enough to have.

I wanted some of the lipsticks, but held back.  They were too similar to what I have.  I'm trying to get only the colors I don't really have from the sooooo many collections.

What collection are you waiting for?  I'm looking forward to the summer coral collection.



that blush is gorgeous when i bought i said ehhh ill try it but i love it now! i cant wait for the pret a papier collection that comes out next week and the to the beach one that comes out in may i might just get both complete collections lets hope not lol xoxo

Anonymous said...

Birds and Berries is so pretty! I have the other beauty powder from this collection, the Shell Pearl, it's AMAZING! I love the packaging.

GiGi said...

@confessionsonsadoll whenever the collections come out, its exciting, but scary at how much you'll fall n love with/

Ashwini said...

I'm looking forward to the summer coral collection too!

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Nice haul! Did you grab anything from Art Supplies? I will be your 500th follower =)

vi said...

i bought both beauty powders and blushes, but that eyeshadow looks lovely! i'm glad you bought it. =)

and yes, haha. some people say the packaging is tacky .. but i happen to love tacky!

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