Friday, July 3, 2009


COLORS: Light/Medium/Dark skin tone

This is the best self tanner because it doubles as a 24 HR. moisturizer. This is really more of a moisturizer with a hint of self tanner. The best part is that the color it gives you is a brown tan, not an orange. My skin feels baby soft. I use it after I shower & I have healthy looking & feeling skin.
I love all the Aveeno products. All their products are dermatologist recommended. I haven't broken out, but I only use it on my face 2x's a week.
What I 'm really excited about trying is this moisturizer in the new customized dial color. You move the dial according to how dark you want to be.
Do you have a good self tanner to recommend?


Crissy said...

Brown tan?! I am in! I must try it out :D

Karen said...

ooooo this sounds great because aveeno is such a great product you should take before and after pictures like 2 weeks later too see how tan you get :]

Edna said...

There was a Neutragena gradual tanning product with SPF 30 (I bought 2 from last summer), and I havne't seen it on shelves this year. I tried their regular self tanner (lotion type pump bottle) on my legs and it got as dark as my arms! Now I'm scared to use the product :(

Still looking for that perfect self tanner. I just wish Neutragena made more of the gradual tan + SPF30

Miss Josie said...

omg my sister gave me a bottle of this stuff...i LOOOOOVE the smell! And it works soo well!

Anonymous said...

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