Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This did say Happy Birthday underneath, before the girls covered it up. This was my daughters cake that she & her friends decorated.

My older daughter hates cake. I buy donuts & pile them high for her cake.
My hubby either doesn't want a cake or he likes flan.
I love Entemann's chocolate fudge a la mode.
I was looking for a Birthday cake today & realized what a personal choice it really is. It's your day to do what you want, a day your celebrated, where you can eat whatever you want. A no diet day! It's an important choice!!

What is your favorite Birthday cake? What is your indulgence that day?


Caramel Diva said...

My favorite b-day cake is white cake with butter cream icing yum:)

adin_22 said...

We love those birthday ice cream cake...cuz' it is the only kind of cake that doesn't end up in trash...:)but I like your idea of making the girls decorate there own cake...they would surely not forget it...when they grow up....

Edna said...

My favorite birthday cake has to be a fruity (strawberry) icecream cake.... preferably from coldstone. I don't mind going to a fancy smancy restaurant and getting a creme brulee with a lil candle either :)

productjunkie4.0 said...

My Mom always calls me before my birthday and asks me what kind of cake I want her to make. I usually ask for either Mississippi Mud Cake which is a single layer thick and fudgy chocolate cake with a sugary, melted chocolate topping with pecans and melted mini marshmallows in it, or a Peter Paul Mound cake which is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and coconut in between the layers. Yum!

magnesium said...

My favorite one is cheesecake looked so refreshing! That has been made on my husband's last birthday. And it had decorated by my younger daughter.

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