Monday, July 13, 2009


I love Forever 21. It's always stylish & affordable & fun. I was going for drinks with the hubby & needed something cute & flirty. This was the winner.

Strappy orange tuxedo top. ($18)
I wore this bracelet($4.80) Earrings($2.80)
Sorry I forgot to turn this pic around. This style/print is everywhere now. The feathers, peacock, & jungle prints. Too cute.($17)
The summer sales have started to make room for fall clothes. Time to hit up the sales!!

Where do you love shopping? Online?


Miss Josie said...

Great haul!

Edna said...

Cute haul. I personally get claustrophobic in F21 stores. I'd walk in there once in a blue moon. I usually shop at AF and BP in Nordys. My motto's always been quality over quantity. But cheap clothes once in a while is fine too :)

GiGi said...

@Edna You have to be ready to really spend time lookin when your in F21. I like they're things because u can get a passing trend for less.

those blissful moments said...

hi, i came across your site =) great haul. as for shopping i like American Eagle, they have great basics thats really good quality. i guess for the most part im just casual hehe, but for more frilly, dressy dress/tops i go to Charlotte Russe or F21 cuz it's cheaper. i just hate looking at F21 I think the most time I've spent in there was 20 mins and I never try anything on, they definitely need to organize their stores lol.

Chrissy said...

Nice haul, you have great taste!

tiff said...

I love your entire haul! I love Forever 21, but I'd much rather order from them online than go to their stores. When it comes to trendy stuff I'll only wear once or twice, they're awesome. Plus I don't feel bad if I lose jewelry I buy there since it's so cheap.

Melinda Warren said...

It is a pity that in Spain we dont have forever21.
I love your haul!
Kisses ^^

Mens Suits said...

Nice haul. Love those earrings.

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