Wednesday, July 29, 2009


COST:$7 Blush
STORE: Drugstore, Walmart, Target

This is a product I put away a while ago, & just found again. I'm using them almost daily. I use them as a blush alone, or under the blush like a primer, or on top for more staying power. I Love #60 right now with my 187 brush as a bronzer all over my face.

I love that even though there is a glitter it isn't shiny or chunky. They look really pretty on the apple. The #60 has a gold glitter in it.

I found these for 50% off. #10 makes a good highlighter or base. The #20 is a good all over lid or base too. They're easy to use, just with your finger.

They are a great product for drugstore brand makeup. The only con is that they are in the jar & it can be hard to get to. If you don't close the lid, they'll dry out like a paint pot.
What's your favorite Mabelline product? Have you tried anything from this line?


Chrissy said...

I have always wanted to give these a shot but they were ridiculously expensive for me. x.x Probably cause I don't work.

Zoe said...

The colors look very pretty, too bad they don't sell it here^^;

Edna said...

I use to use those cool effects eyeshadow thingies from Maybelline back in high school, but as of now, I dont have any Maybelline products.

Dannimag said...

I love dream mousse blushes!!! They are my favorite!!! no.60 looks great, I may have to check it out!!
and I never try their e/s, I may have to check it out also.

PrincessPinkcat said...

The dream mousse blushes are so gorgeous - they look so much like a natural glow - I just love them!

Anonymous said...

wow, they do actually look lovely, that plum colour looks like my kind of product. Though I need blush as much as I need a hole in the head, as the saying goes.. haha!

smiley13tree said...

I have one color of blush and I always think it's way too glittery for me. I may have to try these again!

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