Thursday, July 23, 2009


COST: $7
STORE: Drugstores, Ulta, Target, Walmart

Revlon products are a favorite
Easy to use
Wide range of designs,lengths,colors
Easy to find

The French tip shows glue underneath if you look closely
Glue needs to be stronger

I received the Revlon Artificial Nails and was excited to try them out. I have had fake nails for too many years. I say to many because my nails are so thin that the filing down would hurt every time I got them done. So, I stopped for many years now. I missed how nice all my rings looked with the nails, usually French tips. When I saw these I was excited.
I put them on before a recent trip to Vegas to give them a go. I used my own glue because I wanted to make sure it would hold. They lasted almost a week. I have to tell you that they may have lasted longer, but I am always washing my hands & the glue gave way.

I think these nails are perfect for a special occasion, because you can do them yourself. I wish the glue was a little stronger, but I think after a few days any glue would come loose. (I carried the glue in my purse). If your looking for them to be as strong as acrylic nails, no nail will be without using acrylic. This is not for you.
For the money, how easy it is to put on, & they're already designed, it's a good product. I don't want acrylic nails, so for me it's the next best thing.


Tali said...

They look great..better than the old fashioned stick on nails!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I used to wear acrylics, but I had to give them up for a number of reasons. Lately though, I've really been debaating whether or not to go back to getting acrylics because I hate how my nails look right now, so maybe I'll try this out for awhile and see how I like it.

acrylic nais said...


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