Friday, July 31, 2009


Cost:$12.99 or BOGO

STORE: Sally's Beauty Supply

Use as setting powder
Use as a foundation(perfect for summer)
Comes in a pressed powder-not messy

You have to swatch the colors are not true to the name
It's a soft powder & a little fragile

I love this mineral powder. I swatched it at Sally's & was in love with how smooth & soft it was. I have tried it as a setting powder with a fluffy brush & a foundation with a Kabuki brush, & both have lasting power . The powder doesn't oxidize. It leave a really pretty sheen, not glitter, on the face, like the Mac Natural Skinfinish does.

I haven't had any breakouts. The powder doesn't bother my eyes or have any smell to it. My face doesn't itch either. I know all are pretty common with mineral powder.
The smoothness of this powder reminds me of the Smashbox Halo. It doesn't have the hydrating power Smashbox does, but it leaves the skin just as flawless & smooth & doesn't settle in the lines.
I think it's a great product for a low price, & something to try out without spending a lot. Sally's always has a BOGO on this too.
Have you tried this or anything from this brand? What other products are great at Sally's?


Anonymous said...

Nice review! You always do great reviews :D
I really like Rimmel's new pressed powder, the round one - it contains minerals or some stuff like that. So far so good with it! xx

tiff said...

I think I'll get this next time I'm at Sally's. I'm always looking for a better powder. So far Urban Decays mineral powder is still the best I've tried.

Meya said...

nice review, like always!!


Thank you sooo much for doing a review of this. I'm def going to check it out!

PrincessPinkcat said...

Oh wow! I'm going to Sally's on monday - I'll have to seek that out!

Anonymous said...

Another great product available at Sally's is the volumizing shampoo, Folicure. Nothing glamourous about its packaging, but it's a very good buy and really works. Better than anything else I've tried no matter the cost.

Anonymous said...

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