Sunday, July 26, 2009




Great eye primer
It can be used alone as an eyeshadow or highlighter
Helps brighten an eyeshadow
Easy to apply
Stays put all day
a little product goes a long way

will dry out if the lid is not on super tight

I love paint pots. I have tried UDPP & Shadow Insurance, and they were fine, but these are the best. I love any product that has duel purpose. I use them as a primer + eyeshadow. For everyday or fast makeup I just put it on with/without liner. It gives you a pretty look & you can use your finger. No brush required.

L-R Dark Influence, Painterly,Constructivist, Soft Ochre, Indianwood

L- R Dark Influence, Indianwood, Constructivist

L-R Painterly, Soft Ochre
I use the top 3 for dark or smokey eye. I put it on first to make the color come out more, & you use less e/s. They can also be used on there own as eye color.

The bottom 2 I use everyday. They are my main eye primers. They even out your lid & hide the imperfections. I even use soft Ochre as a brow highlight. Both these colors are matte.

If you could only get 1 paintpot, I would get soft Ochre because it does it all, evens lid color, highlight, & primer.

What is your favorite primer? Do you like paint pots? Which do you recommend?


Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I use Painterly every day! I love the MAC paint pots...though I am also loving Benefit creaseless cream shadows and Estee Lauders cream shadows which are both worth a look if you love paint pots!

Chrissy said...

These are always sold out here. :(

Tali said...

I use soft ocre daily but got rid of the others I had as i very rarely used them (or remembered to) for more dramatic looks!! GREAT post!! xx

XRocksmama said...

I have a few paint pots and I use Bare Study and Groundwork the most. I also like Too Faced Shadow Insurance coz the consistency is smoother, it's easy to apply when I'm in the hurry.

Edna said...

Thanks for your review and swatches. I don't own and paint pots, but I've been using Benefit's birthday suit and I love it. I like shiny colors over matte, but I'll def check out soft ochre when I visit MAC

Kitty In Da City said...

I use painterly alot for everyday neutral looks, blackground for smokey, and i love indianwood under amber lights for a golden summer look. :)

Iyah said...

sometimes they do dry out on my lids esp soft ochre. :P I only have 3 paint pots!! Want some more! :) Thanks for the review :D

Anonymous said...

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