Monday, July 13, 2009


This post is about random thoughts from the last couple of weeks.

Blogging: I've been thinking about the kinds of post I want to put up, but sometimes I just feel blah! Do you ever feel just feel bored with your stuff? What do you want to see more of?

Shopping: I was at Sephora last week & I feel like I'm looking at the same stuff all the time. I got a MUFE foundation sample to try. I saw online they had a mini Dior Show & Gloss pack for $28. I'd like to try both, but nits online only. Any suggestions for Sephora? I have a gift card from there. I'm heading to Nordi's on Friday for the Graphic Gardens. I heard the lippies are sold out online. I love the packaging.

Going Out: I went to L.A. on Saturday. Started at El Carmen, which is known for their tequila & margarita's. Then headed to Chateau Marmont for dinner. If you're ever in L.A., you have to go here for at least a drink. It has a very well known history of celebrities, rock & roll, & famous residents. The Bar is part of the Chateau. If you stay for dinner, they have a great burger!

Celebrity Gossip: I saw Josh Groban at valet on Saturday. He's the young guy who sings classical. He was pretty cute with messed up hair & plain clothes.

The Michael Jackson memorial was well organized & fitting. His little girl just broke my heart. I think it was the only time ever I thought of him as an ordinary person & father.

John + Kate: He's out of control. Just wait until the kids google him now & see pics w/his new GAL. If she did have someone, it's not documented w/pics. The girl is Kate's plastic surgeon's daughter. Wow that was a high price to pay for free surgery.

What's going on with your randomness?


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg at first when I read the part about Jon's girlfriend being Kate's surgeon's daughter, I didn't believe it, but then I googled it, and OMG, it's true!! I just cannot wrap my head around everything that's gone on with this family. *shakes head* I feel so bad for the kids.

Iyah said...

I haven't been to sephora lately so I don't know what to recommend but I'm planning to buy a sunscreen there! This summer is just blazing hot & i can;t take it! I also want some buxom mascara. heard its good.

Lori said...

I love Makeup too. Try Mary Kay. I love it. They have over 5 types of foundations ($14 - $18). Lots of lip gloss and lipstick colors. Long lasting too.
Yes I sell it but...only because I love it.

P.S. I love Josh Groban too. He is very kind and down to earth. But don't let that fool you! Just say'n. lol

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